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If you are worried that fraud has taken place on your OnePay account or card, contact us immediately on 0113 320 1900 to prevent any further unauthorised transactions taking place.

You should also lock your card right away via the ‘My OnePay’ App or Online Portal, but if you don't have access we can block your card when you call us.

If you would like to dispute any transactions on your OnePay account on the grounds of fraud, please call our Customer Services Team during our opening hours* below and have the following information to hand: 

  • The required information to pass phone verification, this will include information about your account that you have provided us with, for example your contact details.  
  • The date and time of the transaction (s) that you wish to dispute (you can view your transaction history via the ‘My OnePay’ App or Online Portal).  
  • The amount of each transaction that you wish to dispute.  
  • Any supporting evidence that you feel would be relevant to our investigation. 

* OnePay Customer Services business hours are as follows 

Monday – Wednesday - 8am - 6pm 
Thursday – Friday - 8am - 8pm 
Saturday - 10am – 4pm 
Sunday – Closed

OnePay Helpline: 24/7

If you are unsure whether or not fraud has occurred, here are some tips to help you decide whether or not you recognise a transaction*:

  1. Could it be a subscription from a recognised merchant? Sometimes when making a purchase, a company may require you to sign up for a subscription or trial in their small print to provide you with a service or to complete check out. The easiest way to cancel a subscription is to contact the provider directly.
  2. Is the company's trading name different to the business name? In some cases businesses may use different names to trade with than their main business name, for example if you make a purchase with Argos, it may show on your statement as 'Home Retail Group' because this is the name of their parent company. It's always worth looking up the name of the company which has charged you. 
  3. Do you recognise the merchant but not the time and date? When you make a payment, it can take a while for the company to complete the transaction. When you authorise a payment, OnePay will reduce your balance right away ready for the funds to be taken by the merchant so that you don't overspend but it can take up to 7 days for the funds to be claimed. Therefore, if you made a payment at Tesco on a Thursday it may show as the following Wednesday's date on your transaction history because that's the day the transaction was completed. 

* We recommend keeping your card locked via the 'My OnePay' App or Online Portal whilst you make these checks and until you are sure that no fraud has taken place on your account. 

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