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All OnePay customers are either Primary or Select customers. The two different names refer to the level of account access a customer has.

When you open a OnePay card account via your agency or employer, we provide your details to them without you having to provide us with additional identification at account opening. This means you are able to receive your hard-earned wages safely, reliably and quickly when you first start working for your agency or employer.

This means you are onboarded with us as a Primary customer and your account access is a little more limited. For example, your card can only be used for 12 months, you do not have access to your OnePay sort code and account number and you have lower spending and balance limits.


As a Primary customer you can:

  • Have access to a OnePay card and account for 12 months
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs
  • Use your card to make purchases in-store and online
  • Get up to £50 cash-back in selected stores
  • Receive multilingual support from our friendly Customer Services Team, both online and on the phone
  • Access the ‘My OnePay’ app and the Online Portal to check your balance, transaction history, see your PIN, lock/unlock your card, and much more!

As a Select customer you can access:

  • Your OnePay sort code and account number
  • Your OnePay card and account for as long as you need to
  • Increased limits to spending and incoming payments
  • Receive payments from family and friends as well as your employer
  • Receive wages from an employer or agency not approved by OnePay
  • An increased maximum balance on your OnePay card account

As a Primary customer you will be subject to stricter limits as well as not being eligible to: 

  • Receive payments from family and friends
  • Receive wages from an employer or agency not approved by OnePay

To receive these types of payments you will need to become a Select customer.

We ask you to provide additional identification before you can have access to the features that are available to Select customers to verify your identity, prevent fraud, and comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

For more information on the steps you need to take to become a Select customer, click here.

Click here to see a list of all forms of identification documents that we can accept to make you a Select customer.



Want to access more features with your OnePay account?
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