All OnePay Visa cards and accounts have now closed, meaning you can no longer use your Visa card to spend money or receive payments.

Although Visa cards and accounts remain closed, some changes have been made to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy recently that may affect you. Please see the latest version of these documents below.

Visa Help Centre

Although your Visa card and account is no longer open, you may still have questions about your account. Take a look at our most frequently asked questions below:

Why doesn’t my Visa card work anymore? 

Your Visa card no longer works as we are now supported by Mastercard®. We have moved to Mastercard to allow us continue offering you a product with the features that you need now, and in the future.

How can I access the money on my Visa card?

If you still have money on your Visa card you can transfer your funds to a OnePay Mastercard by switching to Mastercard, you can do this through your OnePay approved employer. If you do not want to open a OnePay Mastercard you can call us to transfer to another account on 0113 320 1900*.

Please note that, in accordance with clause 10(e) of our Terms and Conditions, your funds will be available for redemption until 29 January 2026.

Can’t find the answer you were looking for? No problem, you can email us at or call us on 0113 320 1900*.

Visa Terms and Conditions

To view the OnePay Visa card Terms and Conditions, click PDFhere.

Visa Privacy Notice

To view the Visa Privacy Notice, PDFclick here.

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