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The importance of having a unique email address associated with your OnePay account

Why is it important not to share an email address? 

For over a decade, emails have been the go-to method for communicating information and are commonly used as a method for signing into a variety of accounts, for example banking, shopping and social media.  

As most of our communication with customers is through email, sharing an email with another OnePay customer means that you may not be receiving important emails regarding your account and other people may be viewing emails relating to your account. To maintain your financial security and privacy, it’s important to make sure that only the named account holder is receiving emails regarding their account.  

How to Create an Email Address  AdobeStock_200017660

Creating an email address for personal use is simple Here are a few tips on how to create an email address for personal use. 

Make it memorable: Making an email address that is hard to remember may result in you struggling to access your account when logging in. The same problem applies to email addresses that are hard to pronounce, so it’s better if the name used is easy to understand and pronounce to ensure you remember the account name.  

Numbers & special characters: You can make an email address using just your name; however, chances are that unless your name is completely unique the email address will have been taken by someone else, try adding numbers that are memorable to you or special characters such as “.” or “- “or “_”. 

Use popular service providers: Always use popular service providers such as Gmail or Outlook or find an email service that provides an average delivery rate of 98% or higher. 

Below are two links that will lead you to web pages where you can set up a new email address through Gmail or Outlook. 

If you have a new email address, make sure you call our Customer Service team on 0113 320 1900 so we can update your contact information. 




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