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Day shift team leader at The Resourcing Specialists Limited, Georgios Panoudis, comments on the ease of both using and setting up OnePay for workers across the country:

“We recruit for seasonal and temporary workers in warehouses and the logistics industry across the country; some workers return to us in busy seasons and it’s important that we can pay them safely and swiftly.

“RSLUK began using OnePay for business in November 2017 and in the last 10 months we’ve paid approximately 1,000 workers through the service – I even use it myself! I’m in charge of inductions which is when I get workers up and running on OnePay; it’s helpful that I have first-hand experience to help with any initial queries. 

The Resourcing Specialists Limited

“The ease and timeliness is an absolute saviour!”

“OnePay’s online and telephone presence is everything we need, if we have any questions or issues we know we can just pick up the phone and there will be excellent customer service on the other end.

“In my role, I’m continuously speaking to new workers helping them get ready for secure wage payment. The process involves sending OnePay a completed form, having their team audit it and then returned to me with any feedback – the ease and timeliness of this is an absolute saviour!”

Georgios Panoudis, The Resourcing Specialists Limited

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