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One of the UK’s leading outsourced workforce providers, Staffline have been working with OnePay to provide an alternative solution to pay workers on time. Paul McAnulty, Compliance Investigation Officer, tells us how it has made a difference to their organisation:

“We are the UK’s leading outsourced workforce provider and as a result, we resource, recruit and mobilise large-scale workforces. Our key goal is to create flexibility, deliver efficiencies, drive performance and protect our workers and OnePay has been helping us do just that.


“They have created an effective solution for us to be able to pay workers on time, every time and provide an outstanding service to go with it.”

“Their multilingual team is always on hand to help to answer any questions as well as having a great attention to detail, and the OnePay team take to dealing with any issues raised around our workers pay extremely seriously working efficiently to understand the root of the problem and resolve.”

Paul McAnulty, Staffline

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