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Director at Southern England Farms, Jane Richards, has been using OnePay services since 2015 – and won’t be looking back:

“An easy transition, easy to set up and so quick to respond sums up our experience with OnePay here at Southern England Farms. It’s brilliant.

 “Before signing up, we were dealing with a lot of cash and we didn’t feel there was a secure way to pay our workers. With OnePay, the process couldn’t be easier or safer for us.

“Easy, safe and excellent translation services”

“We have approximately 250 workers registered with us and using the service; they work across our farms season after season so it’s great that they can just pick up and access their OnePay account each year. We work with a lot of different nationalities too so the translation abilities on OnePay’s website is truly excellent.

 “We explored other options but nothing measures up; the whole team here think the attentive service we get from OnePay is brilliant. Everything is just so easy and efficient, which, when you’re managing around 7,000 acres of farmland, is much-needed!”

Jane Richards, Southern England Farms

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