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Cordant Group’s Project Manager, Heidi Bryant, comments on how OnePay has benefited both the business itself and the individual workers using the service:

“Our payroll staff were spending at least one day a month signing 3,500 cheques to pay our workers – something had to change!

“Not only were the growing number of cheque payments time consuming for our staff, it also meant less money in the pocket for any workers that were unable to secure bank accounts as the cashing-in process was costly and time consuming. Our social responsibility is important to us and this didn’t sit well so we began exploring options.

“We started discussions with the OnePay team in late 2017 and they agreed to adjust their processes to suit our business needs; essentially we want to have our workers set up with a OnePay account when they come in for their final interview. In this industry it needs to be quick, easy and secure which is why OnePay is the ideal partner.

Cordant Group

 “Higher wages for workers and streamlined processes for us – it’s a win win!”

“We don’t register anyone for cheque payments now; everyone who isn’t paid by BACs has been transferred across to OnePay – our payroll team is saving days a month with this improved streamlined process.

“Our workers include those involved in seasonal jobs which means they can re-use the same OnePay account whenever they are here. Others might not have employment history or are unable to open a UK bank account; being able to pay them through their OnePay account, rather than paying them by cheque is a real win win that benefits everyone.” 

Heidi Bryant, Cordant Group

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