Request your account details to access your account number and sort and become a Select customer!

Did you know that by completing a few identification checks you could become a Select customer and have access to your account number and sort code*?

When you open a OnePay Mastercard® you automatically become a Primary customer, which means you can: 

✅ Receive wage payments from a OnePay introduced agency

✅ Use your card to spend in-store & online

✅ Withdraw cash at ATMs

✅ Multilingual support online & by phone

✅ Check your balance, transaction history and retrieve your PIN via the Online Portal or app

However, we know that sometimes you need more out of your OnePay card and account which is why we give you the option to become a Select customer. As a Select customer not only do you get unlimited access to your account number and sort code, but you also get:

✅ Higher spend limits per day as well as per month

✅ In-app transfers from other OnePay customers

✅ Transfers from friends, family or other non-corporate sources

✅ An increased OnePay card account maximum balance.

Request your account details today! 

Becoming a Select customer is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have successfully passed our additional identification checks, you’ll be able to access your account number and sort code at any time through the online portal or the ‘My OnePay’ app. 

Please note: we ask you to provide additional identification to verify your identity, prevent fraud and to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. 

To complete these checks, simply download the ‘My OnePay’ app for Android or iPhone, log in and click the “Request account details” button. Once you click this button follow the on-screen instructions on how to upload your identification. 

Google Play App Store

If you are unable to download the app don’t worry, you can call us on 0113 532 8715** to find out more about alternative methods of providing us with ID. 

Not sure which identification documents you can provide us? Read more on accepted ID PDFhere

What happens next? 

If you successfully complete these additional identification checks, you will become a Select customer and be able to see your account number and sort code on your Online Portal and the ‘My OnePay’ app, under ‘My account’.

If you encounter any problems with this process, call us on 0113 320 1900**. 

Please note: If you receive a payment from anyone who is not a OnePay approved employer/agency whilst we are undertaking additional identity checks, your card may be suspended until they have been completed.

To read more about completing additional identification checks, please take a look at your Terms and Conditions

*Subject to successfully passing identification checks. 
**Calls are charged at your standard network rate, calls from mobiles may be higher. 

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