OnePay -


You are probably visiting these pages because you have one of our MasterCard Payroll Cards. We are moving all our customers onto our brand new OnePay Account with Visa Payroll Card.

You should already have received information about the new OnePay, if you haven’t please call our customer service team on 01133 201900 for more information. As a result of the change your MasterCard will no longer work after 31/07/2013.

Before this date you will need to either move to our new OnePay Account with Visa Payroll Card or take your funds from your card. If you need any help or advice about this please call us on the above number.

In the interim you can still access information about your current MasterCard by choosing one of the following links:

See MasterCard Terms and Conditions

Login to view transactions and balance (MasterCard ONLY)