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Need Help logging into your online account?

Having trouble logging into your online account? This page should help answer many questions you may have. If you can't find the answer to your question here please contact us by using our contact form or emailing us -

  • I haven't received any details for logging in, how can I get them?

    Before you can log into your online account you will need to go through a very simple registration process. Please go to our login page and follow the simple instructions. Please note you cannot register using Google Chrome at this time.

  • I'm trying to register for the first time but keep getting an error?

    There are a number of things that may cause the first time login to fail.

    The first thing you need to check is that your card is activated. If you are not sure please call us on 01133 201900 and one of the team will check the card for you and, if required, activate your card.

    The next most common issue is one with internet browsers. Currently the first time login will not work with Google Chrome. In addition if you are using Internet Explorer 10 you will need to set it to use compatibility mode to use our portal. You also cannot currently register for the first time on mobile devices such as phones etc.

    If you have checked all these things and are still having problems please call us on 01133 201900 and one of the team will try to assist you.

  • I've registered but forgotten my password, what should I do?

    If you have forgotten your password you can use the link on the portal to request a new password. You will then receive an email with further instructions.

    If you don’t receive the email it maybe that the email address on your account is incorrect or out of date. In this case please send us an email to and somebody will get back to you to help.

  • I have registered but I can't remember my user name, what can I do?

    If you forget your user name then you can use your card number with your password to login. If you also can’t remember your password then you can use the forgotten password link to request a new one.

  • I have received a replacement card and now cannot log in, what can I do?

    If you get a replacement card you need to go through the first time login again and create a new user name and password. Once you have done this you will still be able to see all your information and details.

  • My current email address is not the one registered to my account, what should I do?

    You can update your email address by calling us on 01133 201900 where one of our team will happily help you.

  • I'm suddenly being asked to enter a Captcha Value and I can't see any box for this?

    The requirement to enter captcha only comes up if you incorrectly enter your user name and password combination. You simply need to enter this information in the box displayed.

    We currently have a problem on some browsers, notably Google Chrome, where the box does not display. Our technicians are working on a solution but in the meantime we recommend you simply close your browser and restart it then carefully enter your user name and password.